Johnny Lujack (2009)

As a sophomore at Notre Dame in 1943, Lujack started at halfback but was moved to quarterback when starter Angelo Bertelli was called into service. In his first game at that position, he completed 8 of 15 passes for 237 yards and 2 touchdowns and scored a touchdown rushing in a 26-0 upset of Army.

Read Johnny Lujack's full biography

John Lujack  
  John Woodruff* (2009)

John Woodruff a former track standout at Connellsville High School blazed into the record books with his Gold Medal victory in the 800 meters at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.

Woodruff in his high school days had wanted to play football, but his mother felt the practices took up too much of his time, so he was encouraged by a coach to join the track team.

Read John Woodruff's full biography

Woodruff Picture  

Robert "Rip" Haley (2010)

Over the years Fayette County has been blessed with many athletes who excelled at more than one sport. One of the best, who played three sports, was former South Union High School star Robert “Rip” Haley.

Read Robert "Rip" Haley's full biography


Charley Hyatt* (2010)

Uniontown High School has a great basketball tradition. The roots of that tradition can be traced back to Coach Abe Everhart Sr. and his star player
Charley Hyatt.

Read Charley Hyatt's full biography


Ed Roebuck (2011)

Ed Roebuck admits he once pitched over 400 innings during a season in the minor leagues and winter ball. That is quite a departure from the way pitchers are handled today.

Read Ed Roebuck's full biography


Frank Wydo* (2011)

Through the years Fayette County has had some outstanding football players. Big Frank Wydo from German Township ranks with the best of them.

Read Frank Wydo's full biography


Pat Mullin* (2012)

Fayette County has a long and very rich baseball history. One of the brightest stars in the county’s baseball galaxy was former Redstone High star Pat Mullin.

Read Pat Mullin's full biography

Pat Mullin  

John “Wally” Schroyer* (2012)

Former Connellsville High School star athlete John “Wally” Schroyer was a part of the great generation – he starred on the football field and the basketball court and in track – but answered the call when duty called.

Read John "Wally's" Schroyer's full biography

Wally Schroyer  

Harry Clarke* (2013)

Welcome to Sports Challenge, your toss up question for 10 points is - In 1940; the Chicago Bears routed the Washington Redskins 73-0 in the NFL championship game. Name the only Bear player to score two touchdowns in that game? Tick........Tick........Tick........Beep! The answer - Harry Clarke, who scored on a 44 yard run and a 1 yard run.

Read Harry Clarke's full biography

Harry Clarke  

Henry “Hank” Oppermann (2014)

During the 1940’s, 1950’s and into the 1960’s Fayette County was a fertile recruiting ground for college football and basketball. Henry“Hank”Oppermann is just one in a long list of players who went on to play college football during this era.

Read Henry “Hank” Oppermann full biography


Tom Sankovich (2015)

On Apr. 13, 2007 Connellsville High School named its baseball field Thomas E. Sankovich Field in honor of its former coach.

It was a well-deserved honor for a man who has left his imprint on Fayette County athletics as a coach and a player.

Read Tom Sankovich full biography


Bill Thomas (2016)

Bill Thomas was as tough as the bricks he used to make in the brickyard.

The former Perryopolis High School standout was a solid performer for the Commodores football squad in the early 1950’s.

Read Bill Thomas full biography


Jim "Happy" Ford (2017)

In a column about former German Township High School star Robert "Buddy" Ward, I wrote that in sports sometimes two players become forever linked to each other; for instance, Davis and Blanchard in football and Mantle and Maris in baseball. Former German Township High School football standouts Robert "Buddy" Ward and James "Happy" Ford will always be linked by their exploits together on the gridiron.

Read Jim "Happy" Ford's full biography


Robert "Buddy" Ward (2017)

In sports, sometimes two players become forever linked to each other, for instance, Davis and Blanchard in football and Mantle and Maris in baseball. Former German Township High School football standouts Robert "Buddy" Ward and James "Happy" Ford will always be linked by their exploits together on the gridiron.

Read Robert "Buddy" Ward's full biography


Joe Hrezo (2018)

New Salem, PA native Joe Hrezo went off to college on a football scholarship and wound up on a world tour.

Hrezo played football, wrestled, and ran track for the Uniontown Red Raiders in the late 1950’s and was part of some outstanding Red Raider teams.

Read Joe Hrezo's full biography


Gary Klingensmith (2019)

Playing sports at any level is a difficult task, but playing sports with a disability makes that challenge even more daunting. Former Brownsville High School football and baseball star Gary Klingensmith never let the fact that he was deaf deter him.

Read Gary Klingensmith's Bio


Chuck Davis (2009)

When basketball fans debate who was the best player to come out of Fayette County it can be a heated discussion. The usual list includes the likes of Don Yates, Stu Lantz, Ron Sepic and Wil Robinson. Another name that is often thrown in the mix is that of former South Union star Chuck Davis.

Read Chuck Davis' full biography

Chuck Davis  

Larry "Bobby" Locke (2009)

Lawrence Donald "Bobby" Locke fashioned a nine-year career in major league baseball. The former Redstone High School star still wonders if he could have had a better career if he was not plagued by injuries.

Read Bobby Locke's full biography

Bobby Locke  

Sandy Stephens* (2009)

Former Uniontown High School quarterback Sandy Stephens was a sports hero of mythic proportions; he was a legend on the playgrounds in Uniontown. Sadly Stephens succumbed to heart failure on June 6, 2000.

Stephens starred on some great Uniontown teams in the late 1950’s.

Read Sandy Stephens' full biography

Sandy Stephens

Francis "Moose" Machinsky (2010)

In today’s world of football with offensive lineman weighing in at over 300 pounds it is hard to imagine an offensive tackle at 210 pounds, but that is what Francis “Moose” Machinsky weighed when he manned a tackle spot for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Read Francis "Moose" Machinsky's full biography


Rich Novak (2010)

Bigger doesn’t always mean better in the world of sports. Sometimes it is the size of an athlete’s heart that matters most - not his physical stature. Former South Union High School star Rich Novak is a perfect example.

Read Rich Novak's full biography


Jim Cunningham (2011)

Jim Cunningham was a typical western Pennsylvania football player - rock solid, hard working and tough as nails. He was from a different era of football and is proud of it.

Read Jim Cunningham's full biography


Larry Vignali (2012)

Larry Vignali, who graduated from Masontown High School in 1958, was a member of the Pennsylvania All-Stars in the very first Big 33 Classic against the United States All-Stars, and was one of the alumni who came to Hershey, PA for a week of events.

Read Larry Vignali's full biography


Bill Munsey* (2013)

Many times in the Memory Lane column I have referred to the 1950’s through the early 1970’s as the "Golden Age" of Uniontown High School athletics.

We are going to examine that period of Red Raider sports through the eyes of one of the trailblazers.

Read Bill Munsey's full biography

Bill Munsey  

Ron Sepic (2009)

Hard work, determination and a never give up attitude were instilled in Ron Sepic by his parents and those attributes served Sepic well in athletic competition and in life.

Read Ron Sepic's Full Biography

Ron Sepic  

Wil Robinson (2009)

Wil Robinson hasn’t played basketball in a long time, but the former Laurel Highlands High School star hasn’t been forgotten.

Read Wil Robinson's Full Biography


Bob Bailor (2010)

It’s very unusual for a baseball player to make it to the major leagues who never played high school baseball, but that is exactly what Connellsville native Bob Bailor did.

Read Bob Bailor's full biography

Bob Bailor

Joe Thomas (2010)

Football and basketball have dominated sports scene in Fayette County, but it doesn’t mean that other sports didn’t produce outstanding athletes. Case in point Uniontown High School’s Joe Thomas.

Read Joe Thomas' full biography


Fred Mazurek (2011)

The Bowl Championship Series has drawn its share of criticism in recent years as college football fans clamor for a true playoff system that would determine a champion on the field, but controversy concerning bowl games and bowl matchups is nothing new. We should remember a team that finished the season 9-1 and was ranked third in the nation did not go to a bowl game.

Fred Mazurek was the quarterback of that 1963 University of Pittsburgh football squad.

Read Fred Mazurek's full biography


Don Yates (2011)

During the Golden Era of Uniontown High School athletics in the 1950's and 1960's - basketball took center stage. The King of the hardwood for the Red Raiders was Don Yates.

Read Don Yates' full biography


Jim Braxton* (2012)

The legend of Jim Braxton began on the sandlots of Connellsville and carried him to the National Football League.

Read Jim Braxton's full biography

Jim Braxton  

Don Croftcheck (2013)

Allison native Don Croftcheck fashioned a nice high school and college football career, but he often wonders if his pro football career would have been more productive had he been used on defense instead of offense?

Read Don Croftcheck's full biography

Don Croftcheck  

George Dugan (2013)

Athletes often make sacrifices for the sake of the sport they participate in.

Perhaps no sport is as demanding in that regard as wrestling. From the grueling practices and workouts to the dietary demands to make or maintain weight – wrestling is a heartless taskmaster.

Former German Township High School wrestling star George Dugan started making those sacrifices when he was in elementary school.

Read George Dugan's full biography

George Dugan  

Buddy Quertinmont (2014)

During the 1950’s and 1960’s Fayette County produced some outstanding athletic talents. One of the best basketball players of that period hailed from Point Marion. His name is Jules “Buddy” Quertinmont.

Read Buddy Quertinmont's full biography


Gene Huey (2015)

Former Uniontown Red Raider Gene Huey spent 19 seasons as running backs coach for the NFL Indianapolis Colts, the most for an assistant in
franchise history.

Read Gene Huey's full biography


Ray Gillian (2016)

Former Uniontown High School star Ray Gillian is a rare breed of athlete who takes just as much if not more pleasure in his academic achievements as he does in his athletic endeavors.

Gillian has every right to be proud because he has carved out quite a niche in the academic world.

Read Ray Gillian's full biography


Robert "Bo" Scott (2016)

Robert “Bo” Scott had a fine high school and college football career and played in the CFL and NFL, but it all started in Connellsville, PA.

“I was talking recently to my grandson,” Scott recalled. “He plays quarterback in football and I was talking to him about my experience and I remember Wally Schroyer.

Read Robert "Bo" Scott's biography


Bill Marovic (2017)

Over the years, Fayette County has had a rich baseball history producing major league players and outstanding talent in high school, legion and the county league.

One of the names at the top of that talent list is former German Township High School star Bill Marovic.

Read Bill Marovic's full biography


Tom Rae* (2017)

During the late 1950’s the University of Maryland had a pipeline for talent out of Fayette County. Five former football players from county schools were all at Maryland during the same period – including former South Union standout Tom Rae.

Read Tom Rae's full biography


Don Law (2018)

Truth be known - Don Law liked basketball better than any other sport. But he is best known for his exploits on the gridiron.

Law was a four-sport star at Brownsville High School in the 1960’s. Besides earning letters in football, he also won eight letters in baseball, basketball and track.

Read Don Law's full biography


Jim Hobgood (2018)

Life has come full circle for former Laurel Highlands standout Jim Hobgood. Back to his roots in Fayette County as he joins former teammate Wil Robinson and the 1968 Laurel Highlands state championship basketball team in the Fayette County Sports Hall of Fame.

Read Jim Hobgood's full biography


Ray Parson (2018)

During his high school playing days, Ray Parson was a man playing with boys. He was an outstanding all-around athlete at Uniontown High School.

Read Ray Parson's full biography


Dave Marovich (2019)

In the 1960’s “Pistol” Pete Maravich was lighting up scoreboards with his prodigious scoring feats at LSU, while at the same time another Marovich from Fayette County was putting up “Pistol Pete” like numbers on the hardwood.

Read Dave Marovich's full biography


John “Lefty” Radosevich (2019)

With the nickname “Lefty” it figures that John “Lefty” Radosevich was a pitcher. The former German Township High School star was one of the top baseball talents to come out of Fayette County.

Read John "Lefty" Radosevich's full biography


John Hull (2019)

Uniontown High School was a football powerhouse through the 1950’s and into the 1960’s, and one of the toughest Red Raiders to grace the gridiron during that period was the man they called “Hook” - big John Hull.

Read John Hull's full biography


Ray Yauger (2019)

Ray Yauger hasn’t played football since 1970, so the former North Union and Laurel Highlands star was surprised to learn that after all these years he still ranks number 11 on Clemson University’s All-Time rushing list with a total of 2,439 yards.

Read Ray Yauger's full biography


Daniel "Gus" Gerard (2010)

Former Laurel Highlands High School basketball star Gus Gerard has taken a long and winding road - experiencing the euphoria of success as a high school, college and pro basketball star and the depths of despair associated with drug and alcohol addiction.

Read Daniel "Gus" Gerard full biography


Chuck Muncie* (2012)

It has been quite a ride for Chuck Muncie from Grant Street in Uniontown to football greatness.

Read Chuck Muncie's full biography

Chuck Muncie  

Ralph Still (2014)

Following in the footsteps of a talented older brother and tapping into a sense of the history of Fayette County athletics, Ralph Still forged an outstanding career at German Township High School.

Read Ralph Still's full biography


Tom Hull (2015)

Playing in the shadow of a famous sibling is sometimes a daunting task, but in the case of former Uniontown athlete Tom Hull it was a big help in his career.

Read Tom Hull's full biography


Darwin Stalnaker (2016)

For years German Township wrestling was the gold standard in Fayette County wrestling. The Uhlans were built on tradition and family. Several families were the bedrock of German Township wrestling, creating a bloodline of father and son and brother and nephew combinations. The Uhlans were blessed with wrestling clans like the Dugans, the Laverys and the Simons. The Stalnaker brothers added to the German tradition.

Read Darwin Stalnaker's full biography


Rod Wheeler (2016)

Rod Wheeler was a budding star who was on Laurel Highlands basketball Coach Harold “Horse” Taylor’s radar at a young age, especially after setting the Junior High scoring record at South Laurel in 1972-73 when Wheeler tallied 336 points for an average of 17 a game.

Read Rod Wheeler's full biography


Mike Hardy (2017)

Over the years Fayette County has been blessed with some very athletic families, the McLeeís, the Yatesí, the Sepicís, and one of the most athletic was the Hardy family from Connellsville. Big Mike Hardy might have been the brightest star from that family tree.

Read Mike Hardy's full biography


Kevin McLee* (2017)

The McLee family has to be considered athletic royalty in Uniontown High School sportsí history. Brad, Billy, Reggie and Kevin ìBooî McLee are part of that great bloodline, but the crown jewel of the bloodline might be Kevin ìAgeî McLee.

The father of ìBooî McLee, Kevin cut a wide swath on the gridiron, the hardwood, and in track for the Uniontown Red Raiders in the early 1970ís.

Read Kevin McLee's full biography


Jack Buehner (2018)

As a player, teacher and coach Jack Buehner has had a great ride in Fayette County athletics.

Buehner was a two-sport star at Laurel Highlands High School in the early 1970’s, excelling in football and basketball.

Read Jack Buehner's full biography


Bob Galasso (2019)

During the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, the Connellsville American Legion baseball team was a powerhouse. They had a run of three successive County and District championships and produced some top notch players.

Read Bob Galasso's full biography


Julie Jones Venick (2011)

Women's athletics has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Women's college basketball is now a staple on television and there are more opportunities than ever before for female athletes.

Former Laurel Highlands basketball star Julie Jones Venick remembers a time when the opportunities weren't so abundant.

Read Julie Jones Venick's full biography


Chuck Correal (2013)

When opportunity knocks you’ve got to take advantage of it.

That's exactly what former Laurel Highlands High School star Chuck Correal did.He parlayed a late scholarship into a good education and a solid football career.

Read Chuck Correal's full biography

Chuck Correal  

Greg Beckwith (2014)

Greg Beckwith is a classic example of making the most of an opportunity.

The former Laurel Highlands star received a basketball scholarship to the University of Richmond and parlayed that into a great life and career in that southern city.

Read Ralph Still's full biography


Sam Mannery (2015)

Some athletes are just naturals and former German Township star Sam Mannery was one of them.

He was an all-around athlete, excelling in football, basketball, baseball and wrestling.

Read Sam Mannery's full biography


Joe Lafko (2016)

Joe Lafko was a gym rat and all that hard work and practice paid big dividends for the former Frazier High School star.

Read Joe Lafko's full biography


Becky Oglevee (2016)

It wasn’t that long ago that opportunities for female athletes were limited. Former Uniontown High School basketball star Becky Oglevee was one of the trailblazers for area female athletes.

Read Becky Oglevee's full biography


Denise Gallo (2017)

Denise Gallo used hard work and great determination to forge an outstanding high school and college basketball career.

"I had a basketball under my arm since I was six-years old," Gallo said. "To have my dedication to the sport recognized is truly a blessing."

Read Denise Gallo's full biography


Beth Swink (2018)

Former Connellsville High School star Beth Swink has already been honored with induction into three Halls of Fame, and now she gets the honor of being inducted into the Fayette County Sports Hall
of Fame.

Read Beth Swink's full biography


Kristi Leskinen (2018)

Former Laurel Highlands athletic standout Kristi Leskinen was thrilled when she learned she will be part of the Fayette County Sports Hall of Fame
2018 class.

“I’m really honored,” Leskinen said. “I also know how much it means to my family. It means a lot to my dad.”

Read Kristi Leskinen's full biography


Nick Bosnic (2019)

According to Nick Bosnic, scoring statistics never really meant much to him, but the former Laurel Highlands basketball star certainly put up some gaudy numbers during his career.”

Read Nick Bosnic's full biography


Ellen "Loui Hall" Guillard (2019)

During her playing days, Loui Hall left a huge imprint on Western Pennsylvania basketball. Now known by her married name Ellen Guillard, she is continuing to make her mark as a coach.

Read Ellen "Loui Hall" Guillard's full biography


Abe Everhart* (2009)

Over the years Fayette County has had some coaching giants prowling the sidelines, but no one cast a bigger shadow than the late Abe Everhart.

Everhart came from a coaching background – his father Abe Everhart senior was a longtime coach at Uniontown High School and guided the Red Raiders to their first state championship in 1925.

Read Abe Everhart's full biography


Gene Franks* (2010)

He was known as the “Old Fox” and Gene Franks was sly as a fox compiling a coaching football record at Masontown High School that is on par with some of coaching giants throughout the state
of Pennsylvania.

Read Gene Franks' full biography


Vivian Stringer (2010)

Highly successful Rutgers University women’s basketball coach C. Vivian Stringer has returned to her roots for induction into the Fayette County Sports Hall of Fame.

Read Vivian Stringer's full biography


James "Lash" Nesser* (2011)

Call him what you will, there has never been a more charismatic character prowling the sidelines in Fayette County sports than the late James "Lash" Nesser.

Read James "Lash" Nesser's full biography


Tom Dolde (2012)

When he got into wrestling in college at the urging of a teammate on the football team, Tom Dolde had no idea he was embarking on the start of a career in that sport.

Read Tom Dolde's full biography


Harold "Horse" Taylor* (2013)

Harold “Horse” Taylor guided Laurel Highlands, a merger of bitter rivals North Union and South Union. The Mustangs had a storybook beginning posting a record of 50-3 in the first two seasons with two section titles, a WPIAL championship and a PIAA title.

Read Harold "Horse" Taylor's full biography

Harold Taylor  

Ken Misiak (2014)

Ken Misiak is a basketball lifer, a player in high school and college and a longtime high school coach.

“My whole like has been wrapped up in basketball,” Misiak stated. “I have a lot of people to thank for that. They gave me the opportunity to coach and I’ve enjoyed all the years of coaching.

Read Ken Misiak full biography


Rudy Marisa (2015)

Rudy Marisa identifies with the character in the hit film “Rudy”. Like the character in the movie Marisa overcame a lot of obstacles as a basketball player and a coach.

Read Rudy Marisa's full biography


Donald "Doc" Franks (2015)

The Franks family ranks as coaching royalty in Fayette County athletic lore.

Gene Franks known as the “Old Fox”, during a 17-year reign at Masontown, piloted his Gunners to four WPIAL Class B football championships and compiled a record of 128-40-11. Following in his fathers footsteps Donald “Doc” Franks put together an outstanding coaching resume at Albert Gallatin High School.

Read Donald "Doc" Franks full biography


George Bortz (2016)

They called George Bortz “The General”, maybe it was because of his presence on the basketball court when he played or his demeanor when he coached or because he was an officer in the United States Army.

Read George Bortz's full biography


Jack Henck (2017)

Mention the sport of track and field in Fayette County and the name of Jack Henck towers above everyone else connected with the sport.

Henck who passed away in 2003 at the age of 76, produced some powerhouse track and field teams at Brownsville High School for over three decades.

Read Jack Henck's full biography


Tom Holliday (2017)

Some families own a grocery store and that is the family business, others own a garage or auto dealership, but with the Holliday family - baseball is the family business.

Former Uniontown High School football, basketball and baseball player Tom Holliday was the longtime baseball coach at Oklahoma State, the pitching coach at the University of Texas, the associate head coach at North Carolina State and an assistant coach at Auburn. Tom's son Matt Holliday, 37, was an All-Star outfielder with the Colorado Rockies and currently is the designated hitter for the New York Yankees.

Read Tom Holliday's full biography


Henry DiVirgillio (2018)

Winning 457 games as a basketball coach is quite an accomplishment. Former The late Frazier High School basketball coach Henry DiVirgilio was proud of his coaching record, but he took even more pride in his resume as a teacher and educator.

Read Henry DiVirgillio's full biography


David Shuck* (2018)

“I really enjoyed coaching,” Dave Shuck stated in a 2011 interview. “Whether it was game night or just walking out on the floor for a practice. I enjoyed working with the kids and trying to develop a team.”

Shuck developed some outstanding basketball teams at Uniontown High School.

Read David Shuck's full biography


Hal Weightman (2018)

Hal Weightman spent 34 years as a teacher and coach in the Connellsville Area school district.

He was there when the district was formed when Connellsville Joint and the Dunbar Township systems merged in 1966.

Read Hal Weightman's full biography


Ray Trincia (2019)

Ray Trincia left his imprint on Fayette County athletics as a player and a coach.

Trincia was a multi-sport standout for German Township High School in the mid 1950’s.

Read Ray Trincia's full biography

  Special Recognition  

Tod Trent (2009)

From 1951 until he retired in 1991 Tod Trent was a friend to Fayette County athletes and chronicled some of the greatest moments in Fayette County sports history as a writer for the Uniontown Evening Standard and Morning Herald.

Read Tod Trent's full biography


Bob Petriello* (2010)

Over the years Fayette County has been blessed with some fine writers who chronicled the exploits of the athletes and teams.

Read Bob Petriello's full biography


Jim Kriek* (2011)

The "Big 3" were former Uniontown Herald Standard sports editor Tod Trent, former Brownsville Telegraph sports editor Bob Petriello and the late Jim Kriek who was the sports editor of the Connellsville Courier for many years and later worked for the Herald Standard.

Read Jim Kriek's full biography


Gene Steratore (2012)

Gene Steratore had no desire to become an official. It was a twist of fate that put him on the path to become one of the most respected sports official in the annals of western Pennsylvania sports.

Read Gene Steratore's full biography

Gene Seratore  

Ray Scott* (2013)

Lets go back in time to the first Super Bowl in 1967. It wasn’t called the Super Bowl – it was the AFL-NFL World Championship Game and it was played on Jan.15, 1967 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

The Green Bay Packers represented the National Football League and the Kansas City Chiefs carried the standard of the American Football League.

Read Ray Scott's full biography

Ray Scott  

Bennett “Pope” Gregory* (2014)

The Big 33 football game is played each summer in Hershey. It always reminds me of the exploits of a former Uniontown Red Raider great in the
1964 game.

Bennett Gregory was nicknamed “Pope” because his name reminded folks of the Holy Father in Rome. Gregory was an outstanding athlete in football, basketball and track for the Red Raiders in the 1960’s.

Read Bennett Gregory's full biography


Bill Power* (2014)

Born on a farm in Fort Royal, Tenn., and raised in Burgettstown, Washington County, William Power was the son of Clarence N. and Florence Rosen Power. His father was employed in a local zinc factory.

Power left such a mark as a football coach that in 1994, the stadium in Uniontown was renamed Bill Power Stadium.

Read Bill Power's full biography


Robert "Bob" Fee* (2015)

During the heyday of Uniontown High School athletics from the 1960’s through the 1970’s, the Red Raiders had a feeder system from their two Junior High Schools, Ben Franklin and Lafayette, second to none.

The architects of those great junior high programs were Bill Barron and Bill Broda at Ben Franklin and Bob Fee at Lafayette.

Read Robert "Bob" Fee's full biography


Sam Sims* (2015)

Only two Fayette County basketball players have ever cracked the 2,000 point barrier.

One is Connellsville’s James Hairston, who tallied 2,245 points for the Falcons during his high school career, which ended in 2004.

The other player goes back to a different era in basketball and that makes the 2,138 points Sam Sims put up at German Township from 1956 to 1959 even more remarkable.

Read Sam Sims' full biography


J.S. "Bus" Albright* (2015)

John Samuel “Bus” Albright Jr. cast a giant shadow over Uniontown High School athletics, as a player, a coach, a teacher and an administrator.

Albright at 6-foot-4 was a big man for his era of basketball. He was the sixth man on Uniontown High School’s famed 1925 squad. That team won WPIAL and PIAA championships.

Read J.S. "Bus" Albright's full biography


Elias "Disey" Simon(2016)

If a poll were taken in the Uniontown area as to the one man who has come into contact with more young people over the years, the name at the top would be Disey E. Simon.

Read Elias "Disey" Simon's full biography


Don Woodward (2017)

Being an official is a tough and thankless job. For 46 years, Don ìWoodyî Woodward did it at a high level and with class.

Originally from Masontown, PA, Woodward was part of Albert Gallatin High Schoolís first graduating class in 1961. He was also a standout end/defensive back on the football team and was elected to the All-County and All-State teams.

Read Don Woodward's full biography


Tory Epps (2019)

Tory Epps accomplished a lot in a short time; the former Uniontown High School star left us far too soon when he passed away at the age of 38 in 2005.

Read Tory Epps' full biography


1962 Uniontown High School
State Basketball Champions (2009)

Uniontown High School athletics accomplished something that hasn't occurred to often in the state of Pennsylvania - capturing a WPIAL football title and a PIAA basketball championship in the same calendar year. The Red Raiders turned that trick in 1962.

Click here to read about the 1962 Uniontown High School state basketball team


1978 Geibel Catholic High School
State Basketball Champions (2009)

The 1976-77 season couldn’t have ended on a more disappointing note than it did for Geibel’s boy’s basketball team. A four-overtime loss to Shanksville-Stonycreek in the PIAA Class A semifinals was followed by a loss in the consolation final, last year the game was played.

Looking back, veteran coach Ken Misiak saw something in the players returning from the disappointing losses that gave him a good feeling about the 1977-78 season

Click here to read about the 1978 Geibel Catholic High School state basketball team

Geibel Logo  

1965 St. John's Basketball Team State Champions (2010)

The 1960’s were the glory years for basketball in Fayette County. The Uniontown Red Raiders won State titles in 1962 and 1964. Laurel Highlands won a state championship in 1969 and tiny Uniontown St. John’s captured a PCIAA Class C State championship in 1965.

Read the 1965 St. John's Basketball Team State Champions full biography

St. John's Basketball  

1965 Uniontown High School Football WPIAL Champions (2010)

The Uniontown Red Raiders run to the WPIAL football title in 1965 was fueled by the disappointment of the 1964 season.

Read the 1965 Uniontown High School Football WPIAL Champions full biography


1961 Albert Gallatin High School Football WPIAL Champions (2011)

The Albert Gallatin Colonials were on quite a roll in the late 1950's and early 1960's and were the Kings of the gridiron. AG in the first year of the merger between Masontown and Point Marion in 1960 posted a 9-0-1 mark; the lone blemish was a 7-7 tie with North Union. They missed the playoffs because of Gardner Points.

Read the 1961 Albert Gallatin High School Football WPIAL Champtions full biography

AG Colonials  

1989 Connellsville High School Baseball PIAA Champions (2011)

When Connellsville High School won the 1989 PIAA baseball championship, it completed a long and steady climb for the Falcons.

Connellsville Coach Tom Sankovich knew he was taking the reins of a sleeping giant when he started the program in 1971.

Read the 1989 Connellsville High School Baseball PIAA Champions full biography


1961 South Union Track Team (2012)

In 1961 the South Union track team made an improbable run to a share of the WPIAL Class B championship.

Read the 1961 South Union Track Team's full biography

South Union  

1938-44; 1946 Connellsville Swimming Teams (2012)

Once upon a time there was a swimming program from Fayette County that captured seven consecutive WPIAL titles. In the late 1930’s into the 1940’s the Connellsville Cokers were a WPIAL
swimming power.

Read the 1938-44; 1946 Connellsville Swim Teams full biography

Connellsville Cokers  

1964 Uniontown Basketball Team (2012)

The 1964 undefeated WPIAL and PIAA champion Uniontown High School boys basketball team is being inducted into the Fayette County Sports Hall of Fame.

Read the 1964 Uniontown Basketball Team's full biography


1969 German Township Football Team (2013)

The year 1969 was a banner one for the German Township football team, but coming into the season signs of a championship run did not abound. The Uhlans were coming off an extremely disappointing 3-7 season in 1968.

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German Township  

1943 Brownsville Football Team (2013)

Brownsville High School was a football powerhouse back in the 1930's and 1940's. Coach Carl Aschman turned the Brownies into a force to be reckoned with. Brownsville’s 1938-39-40 football teams earned permanent possession of the Monongahela Valley Big Six Championship trophy by recording a 27-0-3 record, shutting out 21 of their 30 opponents, and yielding only 58 points in 30 games.

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1968 Laurel Highlands Basketball Team (2013)

The battle cry “LH State in 68” still rings loud and clear to this day.

On March 23, 1968 the Mustangs downed Cheltenham at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena 63-56 in overtime to capture the PIAA Class A state championship in a contest that was first overtime game in state finals history.

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1969 Frazier Basketball (2014)

The 1968-69 basketball season was a memorable one for the Frazier High School Commodores.

Winning a section title, a WPIAL crown and making it all the way to the PIAA championship game add up to a magical season.

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1962 Uniontown High School Football (2014)

It was quite a year for Uniontown High School athletics in 1962. In March Abe Everhart’s Red Raider basketball squad captured the state championship and in November Bill Power’s football team won the WPIAL Class AA
football title.

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1925 Uniontown High School Basketball (2015)

Uniontown High School has a rich basketball history and tradition.

Red Raider pride started to crystallize 90 years ago, when the 1925 Red Raiders won WPIAL and PIAA championships. A year later, they became the first team in any sport to win consecutive WPIAL titles.

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1981 Uniontown High School Basketball (2015)

Uniontown High School boy’s basketball has a rich history.

The Red Raiders have captured 47 section titles, eight WPIAL titles and four state titles. The last PIAA championship was in 1981.

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1993-96 Geibel High School Girls' Basketball (2015)

The Geibel High School Lady Gators joined a short list of great WPIAL teams with their run of four WPIAL Class AA titles from 1993-1996.

They were among squads who dominated WPIAL Girls basketball. The list includes Penn Hills which strung together seven consecutive WPIAL AAAA titles from 1986-1992, Oakland Catholic with four consecutive AAAA championships from 1999-2002 and Aliquippa who captured four straight AA championships from 1987-1990.

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1974 Albert Gallatin Football (2016)

1974 turned out to be a dream season for the Albert Gallatin football team, but coming into the season not much was expected from the Colonials who had some great skill players returning, but only two starters returning on the offensive line.

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AG Colonials  
  1973 Connellsville Baseball (2016)

The 1973 Connellsville baseball team captured the program’s first WPIAL championship and was the bedrock of a baseball program that would turn into one of the best in western Pennsylvania.

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  1950 Masontown Football (2017)

Masontown High School had some outstanding football teams under the guidance of Gene Franks, the Gunners were a perennial power in Fayette County Football.

Coming into the 1950 campaign, the Gunners had to replace five regulars and three top reserves from the 1949 squad that went 8-0-2. The two ties were against Carmichaels and German. Still the standard at Masontown was win, win, win.

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  1974-1975 Uniontown Basketball (2017)

Wearing a Uniontown basketball uniform carries with it a lot of pride and tradition. The Red Raiders have won 47 section titles, eight WPIAL titles and four state titles.

Uniontown had a 52-game winning streak, which is still tied with Washington for the longest in WPIAL history. Uniontown is one of only 11 teams in more than 100 years of WPIAL basketball to make it through an entire season with a perfect record; that happened in 1964.

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  1974 German Township Basketball (2018)

Sometimes a bitter defeat can fuel great things. That is the case with German Township’s 1974-74 WPIAL basketball champs.

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German Township  
  1991 Connellsville Football (2018)

Connellsville Area High School’s 1991 WPIAL championship football team, “The County Boys,” were on a mission coming into the 1991 season.

The seeds for the Falcons’ championship run were actually sown the season before with a tough loss to Butler in the WPIAL semifinals.

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  1952 Redstone Baseball (2019)

t might be a little known fact, but one of the greatest baseball teams in WPIAL history came from Fayette County. Back in the day, area newspapers gave that distinction to the 1952 WPIAL champion Redstone Blackhawks.

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